As we conclude our retreat & our Faith Formation semester, we hope all of you—young people, families, and adults—take your experiences of solitude with the Lord along with you and allow it to be continuously efficacious in your lives. We hope this experience & retreat has served to firmly establish within you that no matter where you are in life the Lord always accompanies you - even on the loneliest roads.

For our youth, We look forward to having more events for you this summer. Currently, we are awaiting the rules of social distancing that will govern our summer but we will either have summer programming like Totus Tuus and in-person small group meetings, or at the very least, we will continue to meet on Zoom during the summer. Also, keep an eye on your mail/email for registration information for Faith Formation next year!

Thank you again for participating in the Crown Retreat. We hope it has been beneficial and edifying to your spiritual life & helped keep you connected with your home parish which deeply loves you and is thinking of you. Long Live Christ the King!

- Steve, Julie and Dan

Leaderboard Finalists

Congratulations to our top Leaderboard finishers. Over sixty youth and teens participated in some way during our retreat via weekly challenges and trivia quizzes. We kept track of points and scores, and here are our top three finishers, (drumroll......)

1st Place - Lydia D

2nd Place - Jacob C

3rd Place - Julie Z

Way to go go! Thanks to all of our youth and families that participated! Stay tuned for our final House Points tally and House Cup award winner at the end of May! Winner we'll be announced during weekend Mass and on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Follow along to stay connected with Holy Cross!

What's Next?

Now that we've concluded this daily formation experience, you may be wondering what's next or will there be more opportunities like this in the future. Since we are still limited and mostly confined to our homes, though with a hopeful outlook for the near future, our desire is to continue to provide you with daily opportunities to connect with God and our parish community from home.

For this reason, starting Monday, May 18th, we will begin offering daily Mass live streamed from Holy Cross. Along with Mass, we will continue to offer short, daily reflections from our priests, opportunities for prayer, as well as scripture readings. You can find today's spiritual reflection below. This weekend we will offer Mass live streamed here on this site and on our home website where will transition for these daily reflections and viewing of Mass. We hope you can continue to join us!

Staying Connected

Our email newsletter, The Crown Daily, will update to Daily Reflections & Mass. If you receive The Crown Daily already, you will begin receiving the daily reflections right in your inbox and a link to view Mass (either live or to watch the recording at another time). If you wish not to receive these emails, just update your newsletter subscriptions in our next email by tapping the "Update My Newsletter Subscriptions" link.

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Previous Entries

This site will continue to be available with all previous lessons archived as they are. If you ever find that you'd like to return to a lesson or catch up on some you missed, use the All Days link to find a previous day.

Thanks again for joining us! Find more information about Holy Cross and all of our ministries and activities at!

From Our Spiritual Director ✝

Friday Reflection


Acts: 15:22-31Psalm: 57: 8-9, 10, 12John: 15: 12-17

“This is my commandment: love one another as I love you…” How often we hear those words, we smile, nod our heads and agree whole heartedly that this is what we as Christians must do. Does our mood change when faced with someone that we find offensive or that we do not like? Honestly, I think for most people, the answer is yes.

When challenged we must recall the words the disciple hear Jesus say today. “Love one another as I love you.” We may consider the love that Christ has for all of us something that is unattainable for us. How could Jesus really expect that we treat each other in the same way he treats us? The answer lies in the fact that Christ is in all people. When we fail to treat others the way Christ treats us we actually mistreat Jesus himself.

Let us keep this in mind the next time we find ourselves challenged by difficult people. Indeed, they may not be living as Christ has taught, but we must!

God bless you,

Fr. John Kurgan