The Catechism of the Catholic Church summarizes well for us our lesson for today. It reads, "The fourth precept ("You shall observe the days of fasting and abstinence established by the Church") ensures the times of ascesis and penance which prepare us for the liturgical feasts and help us acquire mastery over our instincts and freedom of heart - CCC 2043

From Our Spiritual Director ✝

Monday Reflection


Acts 14:5-18Psalm 115:1-2, 3-4, 15-16John 14:21-26

Today Jesus is describing what true love is. The love that God has for humankind derives from the creation of the universe, of all living things. Love for God is demonstrated by believers hearing the commandments and observing those commandments. How often can we, as individual Christians, say we observe the commandments of God? How often would God say we love Him?

It is so easy to talk ourselves around the commandments. It is obvious that God must look the other way when we break a commandment, right? It becomes easy for us to talk ourselves out of sin, to avoid admitting to ourselves what we are capable of, yet God knows us well!

Today, let us face our own weaknesses, understanding what commandments may have been broken, and use the strength of the Word of God to help us repent and avoid those sins in the future.

Easter Blessings,

Fr. John Kurgan

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Elementary (Grades 1-4)


Find all the prayers here.

  • Mealtime Prayers & Night Time Prayers

  • 5 mins - Praying for Others


Watch the video below

The Main Points to Teach Your Child: the Precept of the Church #4...

  • Recall the 10 Commandments... The DON'Ts of a relationship with God.

5 Precepts are... "DOs" of a relationship with God.

  • Attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days

  • Go to Confession at least once a year

  • Receive Holy Eucharist once a year during Easter

  • Observe Fasting / Abstinence

  • Provide for the Needs of the Church

Precept #4: Observe Fasting / Abstinence - "suffering" (denying to one's self) is a means to holiness; when done with love and united to Jesus' redeeming act becomes a very powerful prayer


  • during certain times of the year you Fast & Abstain from meat on certain days (the season of Lent and every Friday)

  • you do not eat 1 hour before communion -- known as Eucharistic Fast


  • when you choose to accept your suffering or penance, you grow in Virtue & overcome sin

  • your suffering helps to unite you more closely, intimately to Jesus

through Fasting & Abstinence...

  • your prayers are made more powerful when unified with Him in suffering

  • you willingly take on Jesus' sufferings and passion to rid yourself of sin, pray for others

A Note from Julie:

Dear Parents,

I find it curious that reflecting on today's lesson of Fasting and Abstinence, my thoughts are of God's gift of "free will." Precept 4 tells us to abstain and fast at certain times, but, at the same time I am free to choose to do so, to love God, His Son, and the Holy Spirit. When I freely offer my sacrifice, suffering and prayer (abstinence and fasting) I am more closely united to Christ and thus to my family and others.

Freely choosing to observe the Church's Precept--Fasting and Abstinence, I gaining control, discipline over my body and my life. I find renewed strength through Christ, offering up the challenges of my day as sacrifices in Christ's name for those I love, In doing so, the burdens I carry are lighter, I do not carry them alone.

This gives me great hope! As my relationship with Christ is strengthened. I pray that through my obedience and offerings, others will benefit. I hope and pray that you to may experience the power of God's grace through following God's laws and the Precept's of the Church.

God bless,

-Julie Sheridan

Additional Resources & Activities to do at Home



Middle School (Grades 5-8)

See Day 1 for a longer explanation of what to do in Pray & Learn


Find all the prayers here.
    • Basic Prayers

    • Ten Minutes of Silence

      • Intercessions

      • Thanksgiving

      • Reading the Bible


The Main Points that need to be learned or taught from this lesson

  • Recall The 10 Commandments - The DON’Ts of a relationship with God:

  • The 5 Precepts of the Church - The DOs of our relationship with God:

    1. Attend Mass on Sunday & Holy Days

    2. Go to Confession at least once a year

    3. Eucharist once a year during Easter

    4. Observe Fasting/Abstinence

    5. Provide for the Needs of the Church.

  • Explain #4 - Observe Fasting/Abstinence

      • Explain which days a Christian needs to Fast & Abstain from meat.

      • Fasting & Abstinence helps to strengthen our relationship with God by

      • Helping us obtain virtue & overcome sin

      • Be united to Jesus in our suffering

      • Makes our prayers more powerful when unified with him in suffering.

Find a list of all these prayers here.

High School (Grades 9-12)

See Day 1 for a longer explanation of what to do in Pray & Learn


Find a list of all these prayers here.




See Day 1 for a longer explanation of what to do in Pray & Learn


  • Basic Prayers

    • A list of all these prayers are here.

For those new to prayer

  • First 10 mins - Talk to God

For those more experienced in prayer



Watch the faith formation resource video below to learn more about your faith.

“Yet even now,” says the Lord, “return to me with all your heart, with fasting, with weeping, and with mourning..."

- Joel 2:12