On the last night of Jesus' life, he gives to his Church an abundance of gifts. One of the most profound was the priesthood. It is through this gift that we receive the Holy Spirit that comes and dwells within us. Without the priesthood, there is no Eucharist. Without the priesthood, there is no Confession. Without the priesthood, the is no Anointing of the Sick. In this sacrament, ordinary men become an "alter Christus" or "another Christ" in the world. And through this they become the instruments that give us our most our intimate union with God in the sacramental life.

From Our Spiritual Director โœ

Wednesday's Reflection


St. Catherine of SienaActs 8:1-8Psalm 66:1-3,4-5,6-7John 6:35-40

Today, the reading from the Acts of the Apostles places us firmly in the persecution of the Church in Jerusalem and we see that Saul (Paul) is actively trying to destroy the Church. Those identified as Christians, many taken from their homes and imprisoned, paid a huge price for holding to their beliefs. Imagine the depth of faith required to have not denied the risen Christ when questioned!

During all these happenings, we hear that Philip has continued to preach the word in Samaria to those who were thirsting for Good News! Do we thirst? What do we thirst for? There are times in the life of all Christians that the Word of God seems to fail to quench our desires. That being said, we must be honest and admit that we allow earthly wants to enter into our minds and displace the Risen Christ and the eternal life that He alone offers.

Do we have the same tenacity that Philip had, that the early Christians that refused to deny Christ had? When was the last time you testified to the reality of the risen Christ and carried for the Easter message of Resurrection?

God bless all of you,

Fr. John Kurgan

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Elementary (Grades 1-4)

See Day 1 for a longer explanation of what to do in Pray & Learn


Find all the prayers here.
    • Mealtime Prayers & Night Time Prayers

    • 5 mins - Praying for Others


The Main Points to Teach Your Child:

Reminder: The Sacraments are divided into three groups...

  • Initiation, Healing, and Service

  • Holy Orders is a Sacrament of Service - Sacraments of Service "are directed towards the salvation of others, ...and serve to build up the People of God."

Reminder: Grace is "the inner life of God dwelling within you"

  • Through Grace you are able to have a relationship with God

  • Through Grace you are able to get to Heaven

  1. Grace: God gives us the Sacrament of Holy Orders to makes Bishops, Priests, or Deacons, in different degrees, having authority of God Himself to be able to act "in the person of Christ" or in persona Christi.

  • They are God's representative in the world, with His authority, to do His Sacraments

  • They intercedes for us to God to offer the sacrifice on behalf of the people

  1. Outward Signs of Holy Orders are...

  • Matter -- the material used- - Laying on of Hands

  • Form -- the words said -- Prayer of Ordination

  1. Instituted by Christ --Holy Orders began...

  • with Jesus, at the Last Supper, creating the priesthood and bestowing the mission, power, and authority onto the Apostles

  • with Jesus making the Apostles the first "priest" of God's new Church / Kingdom.

  • Jesus ordained the Apostles, the Apostles ordained other Bishops, Priests, and Deacons.

*Apostolic Succession: an unbroken lineage of the priesthood of today's priests to Jesus' priesthood.

A Note from Julie:

Dear Parents,

Please join with me in prayer for vocation to Holy Orders, Religious Life...

Loving God, You call all who believe in you to grow perfect in love by following in the footsteps of Christ your Son.

Call from among us more men and women who will serve you as Priest or religious.

By their way of life, may they provide a convincing sign of your Kingdom for the Church and the whole world.

We ask this in Jesus' name. Amen.

God bless,

-Julie Sheridan

Additional Resources & Activities to do at Home



Middle School (Grades 5-8)

See Day 1 for a longer explanation of what to do in Pray & Learn


Find all the prayers here.
    • Basic Prayers

    • Ten Minutes of Silence

      • Intercessions

      • Thanksgiving

      • Reading the Bible


The Main Points that need to be learned or taught from this lesson

  • Explain the following about the Holy Orders:

    • To Give Grace (or what Grace is given) - To make alter Christus, another Christ in the World.

    • Outward Sign

      • Matter (the Material Used) - Laying of Hands

      • Form (the Words Said) - Prayers of Ordination

    • Instituted by Christ - The Last Supper

Find a list of all these prayers here.

High School (Grades 9-12)

See Day 1 for a longer explanation of what to do in Pray & Learn


Find a list of all these prayers here.



See Day 1 for a longer explanation of what to do in Pray & Learn


  • Basic Prayers

    • A list of all these prayers are here.

For those new to prayer

  • First 10 mins - Talk to God

For those more experienced in prayer



Watch the faith formation resource video below to learn more about your faith.

"And what they said pleased the whole multitude, and they chose Stephen, ... These they set before the apostles, and they prayed and laid their hands upon them."

- Acts 6:5-6