Today, we have a mini-lesson from Steve's home, filmed especially filmed for you in isolation. It's a shorter lesson meant to teach a deeper understanding of Palm Sunday, speaking both to the meaning of Jesus' actions and how to celebrate it from your own home this year.

From Our Spiritual Director ✝

Saturday Reflection


Ez 37:21-28Ps Jer 31:10-13Jn 11:45-46

Today, Jesus proclaims that he will establish a covenant of peace for all nations, for Jews and Gentiles alike, indeed for all of God’s children.

How difficult this must have been to hear for the Jewish people. They were the people of the First Covenant. They were God’s chosen people. Being the chosen, the favorite within our families is often a relished place of honor for a child or grandchild. To hear that a parent or grandparent may love everyone equally seems to be an insult to our sensibilities. We can understand how the Jewish people felt! Yet, imagine what life would have been like for the Gentiles if God had rejected them. How does a loving God reject anyone?

We recognize that God belongs to all people and all people belong to God. We must never let our beliefs limit the love that God shows to the world. Remember, that love falls upon us as well, no matter who we say we are.


Fr. John Kurgan

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Elementary (Grades 1-4)

See Day 1 for a longer explanation of what to do in Pray & Learn


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    • Mealtime Prayers & Night Time Prayers

    • 5 mins - Praying for Others


The Main Points to Teach Your Child:

The people of Jerusalem who greeted Jesus with Hosanna's were genuinely overjoyed to be in His presence. However, not everyone was happy and wanted to stop Jesus and they worked to turn the crowd against Jesus.

A Note from Julie:

Dear Parents,
In difficult times and moments of doubt, we don't turn our backs to Jesus, we turn to Jesus. We call upon Him to help us when we are in need. We trust in His faithfulness.

Jesus, I trust in you...

-Julie Sheridan

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Middle School (Grades 5-8)

See Day 1 for a longer explanation of what to do in Pray & Learn


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    • Basic Prayers

    • Ten Minutes of Silence

      • Intercessions

      • Thanksgiving

      • Reading the Bible


The Main Points that need to be learned or taught from this lesson

  1. The story of King David, Solomon and how his half-brother Adonijah tries to steal the throne, especially with a focus on how Solomon is declared King.

  2. Understand how Jesus enters Jerusalem, declaring himself King in this same manner.

High School (Grades 9-12)

See Day 1 for a longer explanation of what to do in Pray & Learn


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See Day 1 for a longer explanation of what to do in Pray & Learn


  • Basic Prayers

    • A list of all these prayers are here.

For those new to prayer

  • First 10 mins - Talk to God

For those more experienced in prayer



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And Jesus found a young ass and sat upon it; as it is written, "Fear not, daughter of Zion; behold, your king is coming, sitting on an ass's colt!"

- John 12:14